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Junior Women's Committee of 100

Founded in 1970, the Junior Women’s Committee of 100 is an invitation-only group of local women dedicated to supporting the Children’s Department of O’Neal Library.

Each year the JWC provides hundreds of volunteer hours for the Children’s Department and puts on the Summer Kick-Off Reading Carnival and Thomas Hughes Brinkley Memorial Fun Run in May.

Since 1970, the JWC has donated over $500,000 to the Children’s Department. The JWC is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Please direct any questions regarding the JWC, including membership inquiries, to

2019 Book Buddy Santa Party

Support the O'Neal Library Children's Department by purchasing a Book Buddy. 

Purchasing a Book Buddy gives you an invitation to the Book Buddy Santa Party on December 3 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Santa will be there for pictures plus there will be a craft, cookies, and hot cocoa.

Purchase a Book buddy

Past Presidents

Mrs. Henry C. Mabry, Jr. 1970-71
Mrs. Mark L. Myatt 1971-72
Mrs. Evans Marks 1972-73
Mrs. Key Foster, Jr. 1973-74
Mrs. J. Michael Rediker 1974-75
Mrs. Henry Crommelin, Jr. 1975-76
Mrs. Thomas A. Amason, Jr. 1976-77
Mrs. G. Gray Plosser, Jr. 1977-78
Mrs. T. Michael Goodrich 1978-79
Mrs. Lathrop Smith 1979-80
Mrs. Richard E. Anthony 1980-81
Mrs. Charley Fisher 1981-82
Mrs. Charles K. Porter 1982-83
Mrs. Robert D. Thuston 1983-84
Mrs. Claude Nelson 1984-85
Mrs. Lee Moncus 1985-86
Mrs. George Dreher 1986-87
Mrs. Cy Beasley 1987-88
Mrs. Mike Thompson 1988-89
Mrs. Gary London 1989-90
Mrs. Wilbur Allen 1990-91
Mrs. Ruffner Page 1991-92
Mrs. William Anthony 1992-93
Mrs. Robert Given 1993-94
Mrs. Tom Coleman 1994-95
Mrs. David Elliott 1995-96
Mrs. Will Hereford 1996-97
Mrs. Edmund Doss 1997-98
Mrs. Marc Tyson 1998-99
Mrs. Cal Dodson 1999-00
Mrs. Randy Reed 2000-01
Mrs. Steve French 2001-02
Mrs. Chris Carson 2002-03
Mrs. Thornton Hydinger 2003-04
Mrs. Jeff Seton 2004-05
Mrs. David Jernigan 2005-06
Mrs. Jim Ingram 2006-07
Mrs. John Windle 2007-08
Mrs. Brad Moffatt 2008-09
Mrs. Jim Gray 2009-10
Mrs. Chuck Bowers 2010-11
Mrs. Stanton Langley 2011-12
Mrs. Brandon Browning 2012-13
Mrs. Brian Corey Burgess 2013-14
Mrs. Chris Cutshall 2014-15
Mrs. John Farris Chapman 2015-16
Grace Long Kipp 2016-17
Kitty Rogers Brown 2017-18
Jennifer Hoover Clark 2018-19
Adrian Zebot 2019-20

Current Officers

President: Adrian Zebot
1st Vice President, Fundraising: Becky Holt
2nd Vice President, Carnival:  Beverly Crawford
Secretary: Maggie Dreher Baggett
Treasurer: Barrow Kettig Wade
Carnival Co-Chair: Sara Katherine Janecky
Carnival Fun Run: Miller Beale Girvin
Membership Chair: Carla Ward
Fundraising Committee:

Mary Cox Brown
Alanna Caley
Jessica Donald
Kelli Fleming
Miller Beale Girvin
Leigh Haver
Courtney Johnson
Anne Kettig Lary
Randi Rhone
Suelin Schilleci
Rebecca Wise